JAVirc User Guide

/alias Alias_name Command  Creates a command alias with an existing command
/away [reason] Users will see the reason why you are away with /whois command. Without the reason, you are not marked away anymore
/background n changes the background color (n is a number)
/banmask n Mask used by the ban option menu, n is a number:
  • 0 --> *!*@hostname.domain
  • 1 --> nick!*@*
  • 2 --> nick!ident@*
  • 3 --> *!ident@*
  • /channel #channel_name  Joins the channel #channel_name 
    /clear  Clears the display 
    /ctcp nick command  Executes some special commands (PING, FINGER, VERSION, TIME, USERINFO, CLIENTINFO) 
    /font [+ | -] /font +    increases the size of the font
    /font -     decreases the size of the font

    /familyfont font Changes the font; for example /fontfamily courier
    /foreground n Changes the color of the text (n is a number)
    /ignore [-r] nick /ignore nick: All messages from this nick will be ignored (private/public/invite/ctcp action)
    /ignore -r nick: nick is deleted from the ignore list
    /invite #channel nickname  Invites nickname on #channel 
    /kick #channel_name nickname  Ejects nickname from #channel_name (needs to be an operator) 
    /leave #channel_name  Quits the channel #channel_name
    /list  Shows the list of channels (can be very slow) 
    /log [on | off]  Enable/Disable the log of the window (if on, /setlogdirectory must have been executed at least once)  
    /lusers  Shows statistics for irc server 
    /map  Shows all servers connected (when supported by the irc server)
    /me message  Does the action specified by message
    /mode mask  Changes the mode for the channel or for a nick (you need to be channel operator) 
    /motd  Shows the Message Of The Day 
    /msg nickname message  Sends a private message to nickname 
    /names  Shows the list of people connected (can be very slow) 
    /netmeeting [on | off] If netmeeting is supported, it is possible to enable/disable the use of this software.
    /nick nickname  Changes the nick to nickname 
    /notify [-r] nickname  /notify nick: You are warned when nick connects/disconnects 
    /notify -r nick: nick is deleted from notify list
    /oper nick password Command used by irc operators
    /playsound n  Plays a sound (n is an index in the list of sounds defined in the "Sounds" parameter)  
    /query nickname  Allows a particular chat with nickname 
    /quit message  Disconnects from undernet 
    /quote command  Sends command directly to the server
    /raw command  Same as /quote
    /setkey F[1|12] text Set the content of F1 to F12 keys
    /setlogdirectory dir  Set the directory where the log files will be stored
    /sendurl URL If supported, a channel operator can display an url on screen of every people in the channel using JAVirc (useful for a classroom)
    /showurl URL Displays URL in a new window.
    /silence [on | off]  If on, the system messages will be redirected in the status window
    /sound [on | off]  Sets sound to on or off
    /timestamp [on | off]  If on, messages will be prefixed by hour:minutes
    /topic #channel [text]  Shows [Changes] the topic on #channel
    /who mask  Shows people matching the mask (can be a channel) 
    /whois nickname  Shows information on nickname