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Teacher Directory
Also see Can one learn Qigong from a book?  & Why Do I Need A Teacher?

Decades of training alone may not equal to one hour with a good qigong teacher.  You will know when you found one.  If you have ANY doubt in your mind just move on and keep on looking.


Qi Gong Teachers On the Web

Dr. T. K. Shih (NY)

Master Wei Lun Huang (FL)

Wai Lun Choi (IL)

Master Mantak Chia

Zorrik  (HI, CA)

Sifu Wong Kiew Kit (Malaysia) - great site!

Master Bok-Nam Park(Pa Kua, VA) Check out FYI and Reference links

Grandmaster Pang Ming, M.D 

Luke Chan

Master Fu Wei Zhong (FL)

Dr. Jwing Ming Yang

Michael Tse (UK)

Master Yuanming Zhang (CA)

B.K. Frantiz

Master Mehrdad Khan Moayedi (FL)

Master Hong Liu  (CA)

Master Wen Mei Yu (CA)

L. V. Carney (MN)

Michael Lomax

Zhang DouqiDr. Ma XuzhouLiu Xuexi Li Chunsheng, Gao Zhixiangao Zhixiang, Jia Zile, Wang Changying (China)

from ChinaQigong.NET


Qi Gong Styles and Organizations

Universal Tao - Master Mantak Chia

Energy Center West - Qigong, Tai Chi, Ba Gua, Liu He Ba Fa, Meditation, Tangible Spirituality

Zhineng Qigong

ChiLel Qigong

Taoist Restoration Society

National Qiqong Association

East West Academy of Healing Arts by Dr. Effy Chow - Chow Qigong

World Qigong Federation

American Qigong Association

Yang's Martial Arts Association by Jwing Ming Yang

Qigong Association of America


Monterey Institute for The Study of Alternative Healing Arts


Qi Gong On-Line Forums & News Groups

  alt.meditation.QIGONG newsgroup

Mindgazer Discussion Forum

Mingazer Chat Room

Internal Arts Forum from Jarek's Chinese Martial Arts Page

Abundant Zhineng Qigong

Taoist Discussion Board

Qi Gong Magazines & Newsletters

Qi Journal

Thoughts from the Energy Center

MISAHA Newsletter (Monterey Institute for The Study of Alternative Healing Arts)

Journal of International Society of Life Sciences

Kung Fu/Qigong

The Empty Vessel  from Abode of The Eternal Tao

Tai Chi Magazine

Inside Kung Fu

Journal of Asian Martial Arts - nice pics

ChiLel Qigong News


Qigong in China

Qigong in China - Educational Services

ChinaQigong.NET (China)


Martial Arts

Shaolin - Wahnam Web site - Amazing resource of information.  The largest FAQ on the web.

Tai Chi, also includes other martial arts links

Ba Gua

SATMA, especially Wushu section - an incredible collection of links and info on martial arts, internal and external!

Tai Chi

Ba Gua Zhang

Liu He Ba Fa Site

Master Bok-Nam Park's Ba Gua Zhang Online  Articles - some rare information on Ba Gua


More Links

Qigong section of Open Directory Project - great collection of links

Tibet.Com - Tibetan Medicine,interesting.

Reiki Hand Positions and Symbols


WuJi.Com - collection of Internal Arts links