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Commentary on the Gospel of Thomas.  

These are the words of the Jesus of the Dead Sea Scrolls , particularly as seen from the Gospel of Thomas, which is a part of Nag Hammadi Gospels or Gnostic writings


Dates: ?40BC - 10BC?


Jesus saw children who where being suckled. He said to
his disciples: These children who are being suckled
are like those who enter the Kingdom.
They said to Him: Shall we then, being children,
enter the Kingdom? Jesus said to them:
when you make the two one, and
when you make the inner as the outer
and the outer as the inner and the above
as the below, and when
you make the male and the female into a single one,
so that the male will not be male and
the female not be female, when you make
eyes in the place of an eye, and a hand
in the place of a hand, and a foot in the place
of a foot, and an image in the place of an image,
then shal you enter the Kingdom.


Jesus said: Blessed is
he who was before he came into being.
If you become disciples to Me
and hear My words, these stones
will minister to you.
For you have Five trees in Paradise,
which are unmoved in summer (or) in winter
Whoever knows them will not taste death.


The disciples said to Jesus: Tell
to us how our end will be.
Jesus said: Have you then discovered
the beginning so that you inquire about
the end? For where the beginning is,
there shall be the end. Blessed is
he who shall stand at the beginning, and
he shall know the end and he shall not taste


Mary said to Jesus: Whom are thy disciples
like? He said: They are like
little children who have installed themselves in a field
which is not theirs. When the owners of the field come,
they will say: "Release to us our field".
They take off' their clothes before them
to release it (the field) to them and to give back
their field to them. Therefore I say:
If the lord of the house knows thar the thief is coming,
he will stay awake before he comes and will not
let him dig through into his house of his
kingdom to carry away his goods. You
then must watch for the world, gird
up your loins with great strength
lest the brigands find a way to come
to you, because they will find the advantage
which you expect. Let ther be
among you a man of understanding;
when the gruit ripened, he came quickly
with his sickle in his hand, he reaped it.
Whosoever has ears to hear let him hear.


Jesus said: I will give you what
eye has not seen and what ear
has not heard and what hand has not touched
and (what) has not arisen in the heart
of man.


Jesus said:
Men possibly think that I have come to throw
peace upon the world and
they do not know that I have come to throw
divisions upon the earth, fire, sword,
war. For there shall be five
in a house: three shall be against
two and two against three, the father
against the son and the son against the father,
and they will stand as solitaries.


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